Professional Boiler Service in the Wichita, KS Area

PD Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides complete professional boiler service in the greater Wichita area. Our experienced home heating technicians are trained and experienced in working on any type of boiler, furnace, or heating system.  


Need a New Boiler Installed?

You have a lot of heating options to consider for your home. Boilers, also known as hydronic heating systems, provide great consistent heat. Boiler heat does not require ductwork, therefore is often found in older Kansas homes.

Boilers function differently than a furnace. That is why you want to be sure you hire an experienced boiler installer to ensure you get the right system for your home.

Whether you are getting a new boiler system installed or are replacing an aging or failing one, PD Plumbing can provide you the options right for you and your home. Our boiler installers factor in your home's unique specifications to determine the exact boiler that will best heat your home thoroughly and efficiently.

Wondering how much a new boiler will cost? Contact us for a free quote on installing a new heating system in your home.

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